BitShares Referral Program

What is BitShares?

BitShares is the first decentralized exchange, it’s kind of like Bitcoin but it’s faster and you can do much more than just transaction on his blockchain. You can trade assets (USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, GOLD, …). You can create your own asset (ex: MarketingPoint). You can earn a % of fees paid from accounts created with your referral link, for life.


Why would I want to work for a referral program paying affiliates in cryptocurrency?

First advantage, cryptocurrency income is pseudonymous, meaning that you don’t need to link your identity to this income flux. Cryptocurrency income is also hard to tax as you deal a currency which is not controlled nor issued by a state that need tax income.

Another great advantage is that BitShares referral program is very well designed. You just need to share a  ref link offering a free BitShares account to the one following it. When people accept to receive the free account you earn 60% of their fees for the rest of your life.

Notice that it’s a member-only referral program, lifetime membership comes at approximately 100$. By becoming a lifetime member (LTM), you get a discount on all fees (80%) and you get the opportunity to participate in the referral program and earn a passive income for life. Note that if someone you referred upgrade his account to a LTM, you earn 60% of this fee (60$) and then you stop earning from his account as he get a discount on fees (80%).


How do I market BitShares?

Marketing works best when you know your product so start learning about BitShares. Here are the best places to start from:

Free account (discover): 

Official website:

Technical documentation:

Official forum:


Other Languages:

Info in French:
Info in Greek:
Info in Chinese:
Info in Deutsch:
Info in Korean:
Info in Spanish:




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